MPD: man robbed of baby formula, then hit by car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A group of robbers reportedly tried to run over their victim after stealing his backpack full of clothes and formula for his baby in Berclair.

It happened Monday night at Stratford and Marcel.

"All we saw was people standing around, an ambulance, two fire trucks and two squad cars," said Kyle Dunbar, who lives just feet from the crime scene. "We gathered someone was hit by a car. We saw someone washing the blood off a car. Other than that they didn't tell us anything."

WREG got a copy of the police report, which states a man was walking back from the grocery around 10 p.m. when an SUV pulled up and four strangers got out.

The victim said the men demanded his backpack. He told them it was full of clothes and formula for his baby. They still grabbed the bag.

The victim told police he then tried to get away by hiding nearby, but the crooks followed him and struck him with their SUV.

"By the time we walked down there, they had him in the back of the ambulance," said Dunbar.

The victim had apparently hopped over a fence and crawled to a stranger's house for help. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police say they found the suspect's car abandoned a few blocks over.

No arrests have been made.

"This neighborhood is pretty quiet. It's kind of weird," said Dunbar. "I hope they find out what happened. I'd like to know."

The victim was released from the hospital.

WREG tried tracking him down, but haven't had any luck.