Louisiana lawmaker slammed for Auschwitz video

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Congressman Clay Higgins/ Congressional Website

WASHINGTON — A video posted to YouTube of a Louisiana lawmaker advocating for a strong military from inside a concentration gas chamber is getting some attention from Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum officials.

In the video, Congressman Clay Higgins begins by discussing how many of the men, women and children came to be at the camp before going into detail about how many of them were killed.

That portion was filmed inside one of the gas chambers.

“This is why homeland security must be squared away, why our military must be invincible,” he said in the video.

Auschwitz Memorial stated they understand the need for reflection when faced with the horrors of the death camp, but condemned the lawmaker’s use of the gas chamber to promote his views.

“Everyone has the right to personal reflections. However, inside a former gas chamber, there should be mournful silence. It’s not a stage,” it tweeted.

The memorial then went on to post a picture of the sign that stands just outside the entrance to the building.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect also responded to the video calling Higgins’ conduct “a global disgrace.”

“Congressman Higgins, Auschwitz is not a television studio,” the center said in a Facebook statement. “It is the site of genocide and tragedy for the Jewish people that you have disrespected. Not only must you apologize, but you must also get the sensitivity training appropriate for your continued service in the U.S. Congress.”

Higgins has not released a follow up statement at this time.