Woman shot by another woman at home in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  The loud boom people heard in a North Memphis neighborhood Monday morning had nothing to do with fireworks.

"I was in the back room. I heard a loud boom I thought it was fireworks going off. I heard some screaming that's when I came out of my back room my friend said somebody just got shot," says neighbor Howard Earl.

That somebody was the woman who lives next door with her boyfriend.
Around 10:00 Monday morning she was shot by another female at the house on Avalon in North Memphis.
Police aren't saying what happened, but they do say the two women are acquainted.

One man told us he tried to console the victim as he called 911.

"I heard one gunshot and then I heard a car pulling off. I talked to the girl she was holding her side she was saying she had been shot and she wasn't gonna make it,"  he said. "I told her I had called the paramedics they are on the way but her boyfriend decided he was going to take her on to the hospital."

The woman was taken to Regional 1 Medical Center in critical condition.
WREG cameras caught police going over her boyfriend's car outside the hospital.

Back in North Memphis, neighbors just hope she makes it and realizes just how close all of this hits home.

"I have babies myself you know kids run around and play. You know it's just kind of bad around here it is," says Earl.

Police say the female suspect fled the shooting scene, but she was later taken into custody.
She has not been charged.