Storm debris still on curb? City explains what you need to know

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Several Frayser residents hit hard by the Tom Lee Storm over Memorial Day weekend want to know what’s the holdup.

It’s been over a month since the fast moving storm rolled through the Mid-South leaving tens of thousands with damage and without power.

The residents we talked to want to know why their debris hasn’t been picked up.

When you look down Slocum Avenue in Frayser, you see pile after pile of rubble. There's stumps, tree branches, wood, metal, trash, you name it.

Kevin Thomas lives on the street but for now is staying in a motel while his home is repaired.

While he waits, he’s also waiting for all of this to be picked up.

"We’ve done a lot of work out here. Trying to get it out here and we just wanted the city to get this stuff up so we can continue with our lives," he said.

Thomas said he’s called 311 and saw a crew come by and since found out crews wants the piles separated.

"Nobody told us about separating debris from wood. Never got no letters, nothing," he said.

When it comes to separating things like debris from wood people WREG talked to say some of their concerns are nails or other sharp objects and they’ve already dealing with enough recovering from the storm.

"We goin through enough, and we have to sit here and we’re homeowners that’s bringing the property values down. We’re trying to better this neighborhood," said one woman who asked to remain anonymous.

On Monday the city said nails can be a hazard to their crews and equipment too and would like if they were removed.

They also ask you to cut branches down to less than five feet in length and 13 inches in diameter.

They would like you to make sure you separate non-vegetation debris (lumber, roofing, insulation) from vegetation.

The vegetation will collected separately for mulching.

They also ask that you do not park within 10 feet of debris on the curb so heavy equipment can pick it up.

Officials say when the debris is mixed it slows down the process. However they’re trying to get everything picked up by August.

Thomas says he honestly didn’t know materials needed to be separated and is thinking of what to do next.

"We’re probably going to have pay more for this contractor that’s repairing our home to probably get rid of this debris or get them to separate it.”

For more information you can contact the Solid Waste Management Department at 901-636-6866.