Man shot second time two weeks after being shot by police

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FORREST CITY, Ark. – It’s just the latest chapter in the life of a man it seems is always dodging bullets.

Mekiyel Harris, 23, was shot in the neck around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon on the 1000 block of Robinson Street.

Witnesses said two men, who the Forrest City Police Department confirms are in custody, drove up and shot Harris multiple times.

“Pow, pow, pow! Gunshots were going off,” said Felicia Gray.

“They were loud. Who couldn’t hear them? ” added another witness, who said she counted seven gunshots.

Gray said when she came outside, she saw Harris – a longtime friend – laying in a puddle, bleeding profusely.

“That’s not a good feeling, I don’t like that,” said Gray. “Boy just got shot a week ago and they done popped him again. That is not okay.”

Harris was shot two weeks ago by a Forrest City police officer in an encounter at the Delta Pointe Apartments.

Police told the Times-Herald newspaper Harris had pointed a gun at them. His friends insisted he merely broke a window in order to escape officers and officers mistook the noise for him shooting at them.

“Meshio’s not a bad guy. He a good guy,” said Gray.

WREG has been telling you about Harris for years… from that shoot-out with police to his numerous drug arrests, including one involving a two-month-old child.

Harris was rushed to Regional Medical Center in Memphis where hospital staff says he is in critical condition.