Drive-by robbers wanted in Berclair

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BERCLAIR, Tenn. -- A crime alert in the Berclair area, a family robbed in broad daylight Saturday afternoon by men with guns.

Police say the suspects could be connected to a crime spree that has people in the neighborhood on alert.

Frightening moments for one family after they were robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on a busy road in Berclair. For their safety, we`re not showing their identity.

Police say these two men got out of a silver Nissan Maxima both armed with guns.

"They both had guns tucked in between their legs and they ran up to us saying give me everything you have, your money and your wallet,"

One of the victims says the crooks told them to get on the ground.

"There were two guys, one guy stood with us and one guy went to the back of the house and he did the same thing and was like give me everything you have."

"We were scared, I think we both were scared of getting shot and dying."

Their wallets, one hundred fifty dollars, ID`s, credit cards and several cell phones gone.

"Now that it happened, we don`t really feel safe around the neighborhood.

One victim tells me, he thought the crooks were going to shoot his wife.

"My wife was next to us too and they put a gun on her head."

"It's scary while kids are out playing and families are also out and they just come and take our things."

Police gave them even more unsettling news.

"When the police came, they told us it was maybe the same guys that were involved in like five other robberies happened that same day."

Both victims say they plan to be more alert.

"We would like to see them get caught and hopefully get our things back but overall just catch them and put them in jail so this won't happen again."

If you recognize the men in those surveillance pictures or know anything about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-cash.