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7-year-old in Little Rock becomes food truck entrepreneur

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LITTLE ROCK — Kyleigh is a 7-year-old food truck entrepreneur — with the help from her mom, Gabrielle Williams.

“We had a lemonade stand made just for the front yard and she did really good on it. So of course me being me, I had to go bigger, think bigger and that’s how we came up with this idea.”

Kyleigh’s lemonade stand has grabbed the attention of people across town with her signature pineapple snow cone.

“It’s been a great experience for her and everywhere we go everyone is like ‘Ohh, that’s the little girl with the lemonade stand.’ She thinks she is kind of famous right now,” said Williams.

The lemonade stand also has other things to choose from.

“Nachos, chili dogs, hot dogs.”

Williams said this is a growing experience for her daughter.

“I want to give her the opportunity to see there’s many options she can do, and see that she can be whatever it is that she wants to be. This is only the beginning for us.”