Caught on camera: North Memphis apartment ceiling caves in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Caught on camera a ceiling comes crashing down inside a north Memphis apartment.

A one-year-old baby inside at the time.

Those living at the unit at the Goodwill Village Apartments in North Memphis say not enough is being done to keep them safe.

In the video you can see debris spewing throughout the kitchen.

Machael Chaffin said she was sitting on her couch on Monday when she noticed the ceiling had a strange bulge.

"That’s when I caught the video right at the time of it falling," said Chaffin.

"I was mad. I was really mad because any other time, this time my baby was asleep but any other time he would be running through the house and it could’ve been on my baby and it could’ve hurt him," she added.

Chaffin said she immediately notified the maintenance crews at her complex, Goodwill Village.

They covered the gaping hole with plastic.

Then she says once again the ceiling started to fall.

She says this time someone was cooking at the stove when the debris came down.

"Caused him to go to the hospital and he had swollen tissue, yeah swollen tissue on the back of his neck," she said.

She says on Thursday plywood was put up and maintenance promised they would find a more permanent fix.

But with a one-year-old son in the apartment she’s still concerned.

When WREG initially showed up to the leasing office and spoke with an employee she said this was the first she was hearing about the damage and we needed to wait for a manager to show up. When she showed up. WREG was shown the door. No comment given.

"I know it’s a safety hazard cause if it rains I know it’s gonna leak, over my stove. I wake up in the morning and slip and fall, my baby up in here.”

With rain expected this weekend she’s at a loss for what to do.

"I asked him if it would leak. He said he don’t know. It’s possible that it can," she said.