Vollintine neighbors in uproar over tree left on home after storm

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some residents in one Memphis neighborhood are upset about trees left on homes following the Tom Lee storm more than a month ago. They say it's not only an eyesore, but it's also dangerous.

A Vollintine resident says she never imagined that going into July she'd still be faced with the chore of removing debris spilling over into her yard from the destruction next door.

"I've called all the numbers I can call since May 27th," she said.

After trying every avenue the woman says she called WREG. WREG did some digging and found out the home is a rental property that belongs to Robert Papps,
and Papps is responsible for cleaning up the mess and removing the tree.

We went by a home listed as Papps' address in Germantown, but no one came to the door.

The woman who called WREG says the tree can't stay put for many different reasons.

"My concern is that there will be a fire."

She fears all it would take is one match or things getting too dry, but that's not her only worry.

"It's a big hole right there, animals live around this neighborhood."

The neighbor thinks overlapping leaves, brush and debris could become a breeding ground for snakes, rodents and creatures she doesn't want them moving in next door.

"That hole right there is big enough to put three human caskets in there," added the neighbor.

Bellevue Baptist Church helped the neighbor pick up leftover debris from the tree. Unfortunately, the homeowner is responsible for the actual removal of the tree. The city says the homeowner does not qualify for assistance.

The city says they are working to remove all curbside debris from areas, but again they say they are not responsible for moving trees from properties; that responsibility belongs to the owner of the home and insurance should cover it.

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