SCSO: Admitted rapist taken into custody in Alabama

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An admitted Memphis rapist who disappeared after failing to appear in court was taken into custody in Alabama.

Kelvin Montgomery is being held in Baldwin County, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

It’s unclear what, if any crimes, he committed in Alabama.

The rape victim sat down with WREG back in August to tell her story.

In June 2014, she said Montgomery walked into the bar where she worked and offered to buy her a drink.

“At some point he drugged me in the drink and got me to his house,” she said.

She said she was in and out of consciousness as was tied up, beaten and raped at Montgomery’s  East Memphis house.

She was only able to escape by playing dead and waiting for Montgomery to fall asleep.

“I just got up and ran about 5 blocks in the middle of the night trying to get someone to please open the door. I was bloody and naked,” she said.

Montgomery eventually made a deal with the District Attorney’s Office to serve 12 years without parole and was supposed to start his sentence in August, but failed to show up for court.

Sources said since Montgomery didn’t show up to court, he could get an additional 1 to 6 years added to his 12 year sentence agreement.

Around the same time, WREG learned that another woman, Shasta Naumann, had been reported missing after she was spotted with Montgomery.

She has not been located.

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