Germantown condo burglarized, police offer vacation checks

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- Police are looking for the person who ransacked a Germantown condo and got away with jewelry.

The burglary comes at a time many of us are heading out for our summer holiday vacations.

"In broad daylight at noon when people are home, I work from home I actually, had just taken my dog out for a little loop around the block and he was able to do it within the time frame of me looping the block," said Allie Gay, who lives in the complex.

Barbara Ezekiel saw the commotion at the condo complex off Kimbrough Road, Monday around 1 p.m.

"I come out and I saw a police car and my next-door neighbor told me they had had a break in," said Ezekiel.

According to a police report, a Germantown Police officer showed up after receiving a burglary alarm call. He found the door forced open, debris on the entryway floor.

"Our neighbor had a security system and they were still able to knock the door down and unplug it, and that was concerning to me as well," said Gay.

The homeowner told police some of her Tiffany’s jewelry was gone as well as some less expensive pieces.

While the break-in is unsettling, residents aren’t living in fear.

"I’ve been here over two years, and that’s the first incident we’ve had. I mean I’d rather it not happen, but it did and of course that’s this world we live in," said Ezekiel.

This burglary and another theft from a home off Riverchase Drive Germantown Police are investigating come right at the busy summer travel time.

To help homeowners, the department does vacation checks; officers will drive by a home to make sure everything looks normal, and they’ll check what cars are there and who should be there.

Gay says to help monitor her condo community, she’s friendly.

"I like to know about my neighbors so I can help them if they’re in need but also just so I know for my own personal safety.”

While it’s important to have alarms and other plans to protect your home when you go out of town, Gay had advice we often overlook: Stay off social media.

"I see so many people make the mistake of posting where they are or where they’re going," she said.

Leaving your empty home a target for crooks.

If you know anything about this break-in, give the Germantown Police Department a call.

If you live in Germantown and are interested in a home check, click here.

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