Two Gangster Disciples sentenced in Hillview Apartments retaliation shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two Gangster Disciples were sentenced to several years behind bars in connection to a retaliation shooting in June 2014.

According to the Department of Justice, it all started when Florence Anthony got into an altercation with several other individuals at the Hillview Apartments.

Later that evening, after receiving the order to retaliate against the rival gang members, Erik Reese and four others returned to the apartment complex and opened fire.

Four juveniles and an adult male were all injured in the incident.

All five survived the attack, but authorities said some sustained serious injuries.

Anthony was sentenced to 11 years behind bars and three years supervised release.

A judge sentenced Reese to 31 years behind bars and three years of supervised release.

In all, seven members of the Gangster Disciples pleaded guilty to charges.