GoFundMe account set up for woman robbed in her driveway

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Samantha Riley never saw it coming. She pulled into her North Memphis driveway around 1 a.m. Saturday and had barely gotten out of her car.

"I see a man come up to me with a gun, and he had two other people with him," says Samantha.

The man told her to give him her keys.

"I hesitated giving him the keys, so he punched me in the side of the head several times with the same hand he was holding the gun in," she says.

Samantha fell to the ground.

"I stayed on my knees. He had a gun to my head. I threw my keys that way. Didn't want to hand them to him," he says.

The crooks asked who lived in the house before they hopped in her Toyota Camry, speeding off and wrecking her car into the fence.

"I am definitely more scared now than I was. I felt pretty safe in this area," says Samantha.

Fortunately she was not seriously hurt.

But crimes like these have become too common, cars stolen often while people are in them or getting out.

Samantha thinks the busy intersection near her home attracts people from all over.

"Just to do that to someone is a whole other uphill of things I have to do to recover now," she says.

Her case has done something else. It caused her neighbors and friends to open up to help.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help cover the doctor's bill for the ER.

"Still the rest of my jaw hurts," she says.

By mid Monday the fund had raised $830. Her injuries were minor, but she has to replace her stolen items and get repairs to her car, which police did find.

"I just wish more people had respect for their neighborhoods or other people's neighborhoods," she says.

Though police did find Samantha's car, they aren't saying where it was located. They still have not arrested anyone in the case.

Samantha says she is looking into getting more security at her home, but more than anything she wants her neighbors to be on alert. She is also thankful those neighbors and friends are reaching out and offering to help.