Tipton County Comcast customers won’t lose service

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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — There’s good news for Comcast customers in Tipton County.

Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation emailed WREG to let us know the billing issue with the internet and cable provider has been resolved.

“We received payment in full from Comcast today. Therefore, we consider this issue resolved,” Vice President Scott Sims said.

Just this week, the STEMC, which owns many of the utility poles in Tipton County, announced they would be taking down Comcast’s lines after the company reportedly failed to pay $176,000.

They gave the company until June 28 to pay up.

A representative for Comcast told WREG it all started when STEMC billed them twice what they normally do for previously unbilled pole attachments. The company reportedly didn’t receive any evidence to support the discovery until June 2017.

“Since receiving that information, we have completed our own audit and are taking the appropriate next steps to arrange for payment in the correct amount,” Comcast said in a released statement.

Both sides have reportedly committed to working together to prevent the issue from ever happening again.