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Delta installs facial recognition kiosks at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport

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CNN Newsource

MINNEAPOLIS — Delta passengers traveling through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have a new option when it comes to checking in their bags.

On Monday, the airline installed a kiosk that allows travelers to print off their own check-in tag.

For those individuals who have a passport, the technology also allows them to check in their bags using facial recognition.

For those who don’t, a Delta employee is on standby to verify your identity.

Delta said any scanned facial images are immediately deleted after a match is confirmed, and will not be sent to a central database.

CNN reported it takes roughly 30 seconds for the machine to verify your identity.

“It’s about speed. It’s about reducing lines. It’s about allowing customers to be able to go through the travel ribbon, utilizing the technology that’s out there,” said Toby Broberg.

However, the kiosk doesn’t get you through security.

Everyone will still have to go through a security check, CBS Minnesota reported.

Delta is also testing the kiosks in Atlanta and New York.

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