Mississippi County employees accused of stealing copper from job, selling it and pocketing money

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MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Ark.--A Mississippi County couple is out on bond after being accused of stealing and selling copper from their county jobs and keeping the money.

"It's lowdown and they need to be prosecuted if it were someone in the streets they would have prosecuted them," said Della Hollis who feels it's down right frustrating. She says even though she likes Tony and Andrea Stone who are regulars at the store she works at she thinks there should be consequences if they are guilty of stealing copper from work, selling it and pocketing the profit.

"Everybody was shocked because they know them and they are good people," added Hollis.

The investigation started in May, The Mississippi County Sheriff's office says they got word the two supervisors were accused of selling the scrap metal since December, copper was taken from demolition work sites on their job with the county.

"It's theft so no matter what it's stealing, never thought they'd do something like this," said Hollis.

Investigators found $3200 worth of stolen copper stored at the home of someone related to the couple. Last Friday a warrant was issued and on Monday the couple was arrested and charged with theft.
WREG went to their home in Manila to find out their thoughts about the accusations being placed against them.

Even though cars were in the driveway, no one came to the door. WREG reached out to Mississippi County Judge Randy Carney who told us the couple has been suspended but both are still employed by the county.

Judge Carney claims the two are good employees but also stated that the county will do what it feel is right in the situation.

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