Memphis man is robbed by a thief with a sword

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man tells WREG he was robbed at swordpoint by two men Thursday afternoon only a block from Overton Park.

Fred Hobson said he was coming out of the Brown Jug liquor store on Summer Avenue around 3 p.m., when the men approached in an older model Cadillac.

He told police that one of the men pushed him to the ground, while the other pulled out a big blade and pressed it to his throat.

“It was a big old knife. It looked like a sword,” Hobson said.

The robbers were allegedly screaming, “Give it to me,” before they fled with the $960 Hobson had just cashed.

“Two young females seen the robbery going down, but they didn’t want to be involved,” Hobson said.

As strange as a broad daylight swordpoint robbery may sound to some, Chad Hobson said it’s not his cousin’s craziest encounter.

“This ain’t the first time something like this had happened to this guy. It probably won’t be the last either,” he said.

Chad Hobson said his family keeps a running tab of his cousin’s run-ins, which he said are too crazy to recount.

“He a kind dude, it just seem like so much trouble find him, it start to become – it’s not sad anymore, it’s more comical,” said Chad Hobson.

He said he’s glad is cousin is okay and he hopes the robbers are caught.

“Just the fact that they had a sword and it’s some guys running around Memphis with a sword, robbing people,” he said.

But until then, he said he can’t help but find the situation a little amusing.

“That’s funny to me. He walked away from it, he alive. He be alright.”

Police describe one of the men as 6’0” with a mustache, grey shirt and grey basketball shorts.

The other stands 5’6” or 5’7”, weighs about 140 to 150 pounds, and was wearing a white shirt with white Nike basketball shorts.

No detailed description of the sword was provided.

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