Raleigh woman catches possible intruders going for round 2 on her home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A quick-thinking Raleigh resident helped police catch a possible intruder.

The woman says her home was burglarized just one week ago, and to prevent round two from happening, she installed security cameras.

Raleigh residents say the gig is up on a group of crooks bringing crime to their area.

"Go somewhere else or just find a job and do things the right way," said William Reed.

Josephine Benson says thieves wiped her out last Thursday. They then possibly came back for more less than a week later, but this time she was ready for them with her newly installed surveillance system.

The alert system sent her an alert at work as soon as her doorbell rang.

"I was looking at him, he had to have been ringing the doorbell for eight to 10 minutes."

Benson says once the man in the video gave the driver of a silver Dodge Durango the all clear, she called police and Dantioni Colbert was arrested on the spot.

The first go-around, the crooks were so bold they parked their car inside of Benson’s garage, cleaned out the home and then left the garage door up, setting off red flags for neighbors.

"When I saw her garage door open I got in touch with her, and she said no one is home and I told her I think something happened in your house," said Reed.

"As hard as I work, someone could come into my house, park in my garage and unload all of my stuff," said Benson.

Neighbors in this cove, where half of the homes have been hit, say they’ve gotten these thieves all figured out.

"They ring on your door bell, they bang on it and they bang on it, when you don’t answer they go around back and break in," said Reed.

Reed says the group tried his house, but they weren’t ready for what met them at the door.

"I came to the door with a knife, because at 8:30 in the morning no one is supposed to banging on my door like that," said Reed.

While some of them are packing, they say everyone else is watching with their new surveillance cameras.

Colbert is currently charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun. Police say their investigation into the burglary and attempted burglary is ongoing.