City says they’ll step in to clear growing mound of debris left by landlord

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Residents are outraged over a growing mound of trash in their neighborhood.

"I’ve never in my life seen that much stuff outside of a person's home, and the landlord did it," said one neighbor.

"We are thinking he is going to tow it away, but no towing it away it is just sitting there," added the neighbor.

Determined to help those living near the Seattle Street home, WREG reached out to the city, who told us they plan on cleaning up the mess at the landlord’s expense.

"Everyone is disgusted by the situation, beds, couches, pictures, boxes, looks like trash, just trash," added the neighbor.

Trash the landlord will now have to foot the bill to clean since he ignored the important notice from solid waste management.

"Just to open my door and come outside, it’s the first thing you see," said the neighbor.

The city says by Tuesday the pile will be gone and neighbors will finally have the clear view they deserve.

The city says they have not removed the trash yet because the landlord gets five days to remove the illegal debris placed curbside.