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PHOTOS: 2 baby warthogs born at Memphis Zoo

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Welcome to the world, warthogs!

The Memphis Zoo has welcomed two newborn warthogs into its family.

Mother Daphne gave birth to piglets Abraham and Sarah on April 30. The zoo announced the birth Monday, and you can now visit the little ones at the warthog exhibit.

Five-year-old Daphne has been at the Memphis Zoo since 2014. The piglets’ father, 5-year-old Samson, came to Memphis last year.

Abraham and Sarah are their first litter as a pair.

The two piglets have been doing great.

“The two piglets are very spry, running around under Mom’s feet and playing with one another,” curator Farshid Mehrdadfar said. “These guys are some of the most intelligent animals I have ever worked with.”

Abraham and Sarah will nurse for four months with Daphne before moving on to the typical warthog diet of meat and plants.

The zoo describes warthogs as smart, adaptable and quick animals. They’re named for their thick growths of skin, which they use to protect their heads when ramming each other. Their foraging style also provides somewhat of a “gardening service,” as they aerate the soil when they root through it with their tusks.