A family pet killed during a home invasion in Parkway Village

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family pet was killed in broad daylight during a home invasion. Tonight the killers are still on the run, and the homeowner is outraged and wants answers.

It happened on Clearbrook in Parkway Village Tuesday afternoon.

The homeowner told WREG she has lived in her Parkway Village neighborhood for 24 years in peace. Now she has lost her sense of security after she, her husband and her son came home to nightmare.

"They found the dog outside, shot in the head," said Shelia Collins-Pratt.

A little shih tzu named Jewel that Pratt had for eight years is now gone. This after her house was broken into and ransacked in broad daylight on a busy street in Parkway Village.

"They busted the window and what they did they reached and unlocked it but the whole window is gone," said Pratt.

You can see the crooks on their surveillance video. Pratt says they stole $6,000 in cash and they took the gun they used to shoot and kill her dog before beating the pup with a stick.

"They better be glad we wasn't here because we would've laid them down, I would've killed their a**," said Pratt.

"And I wasn't going to have any remorse for them and I mean that, because they had no business in here."

"This my house, where I pay my bills and pay my taxes, don't invade my space," said Pratt.

When the guys broke in, the alarm went off alerting them and the police. The family got there right away. The police...

"It took almost three hours before they came," said Pratt.

I asked why did it take so long.

"He told me, ma'am, we don't have any police," said Pratt. "So what are the citizens supposed to do when you call the police, just lay and die."

Tonight she has a message for the men who broke in her house and killed her dog.

"For the little b***ards that's constantly taking things that don't belong to them and killing people, take your trifling a** to a job because your will mammie will be hollering you shouldn't have did this to my baby, well train your baby and teach your baby something," said Pratt.

Pratt told WREG she doesn't feel safe anymore and she's thinking about putting her house up for sale.

Again the killers are still on the run; if you know anything about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.