Search for 21-year-old Devin Hubbard’s killer

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — "The way he was shot in the head and dumped on side of the road like an animal, it still bothers me today."

Eric Hubbard is a father worn out from worrying and desperate for answers. His son 21-year old Devin Hubbard was murdered in Marshall County Mississippi two years ago.

The Marshall county sheriff's Department says Hubbard's body was found in a ditch on Tyler Road.

Hubbard's father believes someone set his son up to be murdered,

"It painful, it's hurtful, you know he was a young man, he had potential, he just got mixed up with the wrong crowd."

Marshall County sheriff deputies have interviewed dozens of people who knew Devin Hubbard; they understand the Hubbard family is upset knowing a murderer is still walking free.

"The night of this homicide, our parking lot was absolutely full of family and friends," said Maj. Kelly McMillen with the Marshall County Sheriff Department said. "Those people need closure."

The Marshall County Sheriff Department wants someone to come forward to help them solve this case and give Eric Hubbard some closure.

If you know anything about Devin Hubbard's murder, you are asked to call the Marshall County Sheriff Department at (662) 252-1311. All calls are confidential,