Parents of teen victim speak out after former Boy Scout troop leader charged with sexual indecency

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MARION, Ark. — WREG is hearing from the parents of a child police say was the victim of an inappropriate relationship with a former Marion Boy Scout troop leader.

Christina McCafferty, 38, made her first court appearance Monday morning.

She is charged with sexual indecency with a child and computer child pornography.

For the first time, parents of the teenage victim speaking out to WREG, telling us in a statement:

"On January 26, after discovering a series of video chats from Christina McCafferty directed toward our son, we met with representatives of the Boy Scouts of America to reveal to them a pattern of disturbing behavior."

On Monday, a lieutenant with the Marion Police Department told me his department was notified in February and believes the relationship began at the end of last year when the victim was 14; that victim was connected to the group McCafferty over saw.

That contradicts information given to WREG over the weekend from Cub Scouts Troop 172's scoutmaster, who told us in a message, "she was removed as a registered leader over three months ago so whatever has happened was not while she was a registered leader."

Monday, the victim's family also told us their child was in McCafferty's troop and believes the inappropriate behavior started before she was released:

"The pattern of behavior that eventually became apparent was one of very carefully calculated decisions to influence, befriend and eventually seduce a child under her supervision. Examples of this include, among other things, secretly providing our child with multiple portable devices, which could be used to contact him without our knowledge."

Police said they spent the last few months investigating McCafferty, including looking at phone records showing an inappropriate relationship with the victim, but they would not say if it was physical.

Detectives are warning parents to monitor their children`s social media accounts and know their passwords.

The victim's family wants to get the word out too, telling us, “In light of this and other similar cases reported in the media, it is our deepest hope, that our experience will help to drive a continuing discussion into this critical topic of adult predation on vulnerable teens.”

At last check, McCafferty was still in the Crittenden County Jail. The victim's father said her bail was set at $35,000.