Woman living in fear after group of men shoot into her car while driving

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TUNICA, Miss. --A Tunica couple says they fear their lives are in danger after a group of people started shooting at them, no arrests have been made even though deputies say they know who the shooters are.

Bullet holes now mark up this Camaro a reminder of just how close Mercedes Morrow came to losing her life.

"I feel like I was targeted," said Mercedes Morrow.

Morrow says she was behind the Wheel on Sunday night just after 10. Her boyfriend Martez Shipp was on the passenger side.

"There were guys on both sides on the right and the left," said the victim's boyfriend Martez Shipp.

Shipp says on Beatline Street seven men surrounded their car with guns out the couple says they think the men were trying to block them from driving so they could kill them.

"A hit like that who is going to say they aren’t going to come back," added Shipp.

Morrow says as her window shattered from the gunfire. She looked right at the people pulling the trigger.

"They were laughing stating that if the B die, they won’t have any witnesses," said Morrow.

"They looked like they didn’t care when they were doing it, it looked like it was just war," added Morrow.

In shock, Morrow says she stepped on the gas and ran the red light less than a mile ahead of her. Police pulled her over for running the red light but couldn’t seem to find any shooters.

"When I got to the hospital they said there was a bullet in my arm," said Morrow.

Morrow was left bloody from fragments of glass that pierced her skin and Sunday’s bullet remains in her arm even with Morrow identifying the shooters, deputies have yet to pick up anyone involved.

"It's like the law isn’t doing their job they know these guys this is our county," added Morrow.

Tunica County Sheriff’s office told WREG news channel 3 they are waiting on arrest warrants to be signed in the meantime the couple is left holding each other close and hoping the men don’t return.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the men will likely be charged with aggravated assault.