Man has his gun stolen while stopped at midtown stop sign

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Robbed at a stop sign in midtown!

Memphis Police are looking for two men accused of robbing a man in his jeep while he was waiting at a stop sign!

The victim told officers it happened when he was waiting in his vehicle at Watkins and Madison.

The victim told investigators he had just finished his shift at the Papa Johns off Union just before 2 a.m. Thursday.

He was driving home when he stopped at Madison and Watkins.

While he was waiting for his turn to go he says two men came up to his Jeep Cherokee, demanding money.

He told investigators one of the men stood at the back of the vehicle and said, “I got a gun pointed at your head.”

As the victim reached into his pocket one of the thieves noticed the victim had a gun sitting on the center console of the vehicle.

The crook reached over, grabbed the gun and the victim’s cell phone.

The two men then took off running.

"Now at the stop sign that’s really very dangerous. I’ve never heard of that. Robbing someone at the stop sign," said Phillip Harris.

Harris lives nearby. He said he’s seen crime increase but said this case surprises him.

"I’ve been living around here for like 26 years so I be cautious and I pay attention to everything," he said.

The thought of another stolen gun in the wrong hands makes people who work in the area uneasy.

They say it’s a reminder you have to always be cautious.

A police report says officers might’ve been able to lift some fingerprints of the thieves.

But so far no arrests.