Man accused of killing Winchester Elementary volunteer ‘grandma’ charged with murder

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Murder charges have been filed in the death of Sherlain Rowe.

Terrance Wilks was arrested Wednesday and booked of first-degree murder charges.

According to police, officers were called to Rowe’s Millbranch home on April 19.

The caller said they were at the home, but couldn’t get the 69-year-old to answer the door.

When officers arrived, they found Rowe unresponsive on the den floor.

They said she was assaulted and left for dead.

Wilks is scheduled to be in court next week.

Rowe was a volunteer “grandma” at Winchester Elementary School.

“They loved her,” said Anne McVay, another “grandma” in the program. “Whenever she would walk into the classroom, it would brighten up their day.”

They said she was one of the first to join the program two years ago and, most recently, could be seen walking the halls three days a week.