Five domestic violence suspects wanted by police

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are searching for five people accused of domestic violence crimes.

According to authorities, the suspects were being monitored using GPS trackers — a device that was suppose to keep their victims safe while the accused attackers are out of jail on bond awaiting trial.

Now these suspects are free of the trackers and on the run.

Overnight, police posted the photos of Nelson Solis and Markail McKinley.

Both men reportedly cut off their trackers.

The news comes just hours after police posted photos of three other domestic violence suspects, Christopher Mack, Terrance Patterson and Rhia Perry, who they said didn’t charge their trackers and so they stopped working.

All five are no wanted for violating their bond conditions.

Just last month WREG told you about two other men, Deandre Cobb and Sentrovous Huey, who reportedly cut off their devices.

Both men were tracked down weeks later and given additional charges.

Despite the incident, police and domestic violence awareness advocates said the GPS trackers do work in many cases.

Around 200 of them are in use right now and there have been dozens of suspects arrested since the program started a year ago.

As WREG first reported last month, the Family Safety Center wants to see more trackers on the streets.

“I would love to see more. As you mentioned there are thousands of offenses that happen every year so we don’t have enough bracelets for all offenders,” said a spokesperson.

The University of Memphis is studying the trackers to see how well they’re working.

If they are deemed a success, officials plan on asking for more.

As for the current fugitives, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH if you know where they are.