Arlington man reunited with barber pole that was made in 1951, stolen last year

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. -- An Arlington barber is reunited with something he never thought he’d see again.

Nearly six months ago, crooks stole a barber pole from Oliver’s Barber Shop on Chester Street and this week, owner George Oliver was reunited with it.

With over 50 years of cutting and trimming, Oliver is a barber with experience.

“That’s what I do, work on these good folks here," he said.

His rapport with clients is obvious and his warm smile is as common a sight in the barber shop as the very barber pole that represents it.

“It’s a barber pole; that’s my sign," he said.

The sign shares a long history with Oliver. It’s been at his business for 55 years.

“Nobody else can use a barber pole but a barber.”

So when the swirly-colored piece was stolen from out front just before last Christmas, he was devastated.

“All the neighbors were upset too.”

Sheriff’s deputies took a report but didn’t have much luck.

He said he bought another one shortly after and although they look the same, they don’t share that same history as the new one was made in 2016.

Oliver was sure he’d never see the old one again.

“I thought it might be up North," he said.

That is, until this week. A stranger came in to say he had it.

The stranger told him he collected items and said he’d bought the pole for $600 but later found out it was stolen.

Oliver insisted for the stranger to keep it, but said the man told him it belonged to him.

“I made [a] spot for it."

Now it sits inside, rather than out, and serves as a reminder of the history Oliver has with the business -- And the good people who’ve come in and out of it.

He said he told the sheriff’s department to close the case and is not trying to figure out who stole the barber pole. He said he’s just happy to have it back.