Woman dragged as men stole her car, says they also stole $1,500 and went shopping

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman has her car back after it was stolen, but she is left scraped up and still missing $1,500.

The victim, Juanita Williford, told WREG she parked at South Main Street and Olive Avenue.

Police said she left the vehicle running. Williford disputes this and says the keys were in the ignition with just the radio on and the engine wasn't running.

She said four men then came out of a grocery store nearby, and two of them jumped in the car. She said she reached through the window to get her keys, but it was too late — they hit the gas, and she ended up being dragged.

One of her elbows got scraped up pretty badly.

Luckily, she got her car back fairly quickly. She said friends had seen it and tipped her off, and she found it parked outside Southgate Shopping Center.

But her car isn't the only thing the thieves took — she said they also stole $1,500 cash and went shopping.

The thieves left some of the goods inside the car. WREG watched as police unloaded the spoils of the shopping spree, which the victim said included several pairs of shoes.

Williford said even after all that, "I thank God for my life."