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Research: Even moderate drinking is not good for the brain

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UNITED KINGDOM — A new study suggests moderate drinking may not be great for your brain.

The study was published Wednesday in Britian’s BMJ.

Researchers found that people who drank heavily had the highest risk of hippocampal atrophy– a form of brain damage that can be associated with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss conditions.

The study also suggested that the brains of even moderate drinkers change too and had a higher risk of developing hippocampal atrophy than those who don’t drink at all.

Researchers said that the heavier drinkers saw a faster decline in language skills and had poorer white matter integrity, which is crucial to processing thoughts quickly.

The study’s heaviest drinkers had a little more than two medium glasses of wine or two beers every night of the week.

The moderate group had about a medium glass of wine each night, plus a little extra on the weekends.

Experts said there are many other lifestyle factors that were not taken into account in this study like nutrition.