Possible development in blowtorch pharmacy break-ins

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG is learning a suspected burglar may be connected to the blowtorch break-ins at Mid-South pharmacies.

At least four Walgreens were hit in the Mid-South in the past month.

It started in the beginning of May in Southeast Shelby County then to Cordova, Bartlett and last week in Brownsville.

Pharmacists told authorities the same story: Thieves dressed in masks and wearing gloves patiently peeled away the drive-through window with a blowtorch.

"They went through a lot of trouble to get in," said Earle Farrell with Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Now, a possible development in the case.

Photo: Clarksville Police

On Tuesday just north of Nashville, two alarms went off at two different Walgreens.

Clarksville Police said two men carved holes in the drive-through windows.

The suspects got away, but officers said they later found their car outside an apartment complex, and Jermaine Phillips was in the backseat with the evidence.

Two other suspects have yet to be found.

Meanwhile, sources told WREG Memphis Police and Shelby County deputies were alerted and are now sifting through Clarksville's evidence to see if the cases are connected.

Phillips is charged with a list of charges including burglary, evading arrest, drugs and simple possession.

Phillips is from Texas and has a lengthy background including burglary and weapons.