Local company’s name is being used in job offer scam

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Better Business Bureau is issuing an alert after a local company became the victim of identity theft.

Green’s Moving and Delivery went out of business in January 2017.

However, that’s not stopping thieves from using their name and address to scam people.

To make matters worse, the BBB said the scammers have created a phony website and attached their logo to it in order to make it look legitimate.

The former owner of the business said he became aware of the scam when he began receiving calls from individuals saying he owed them money.

According to the BBB, all of the victims received an email from the fake company offering them a job.

They were told all they had to do was receive and reship merchandise.

After 30 days, they were promised a $2,500 check which ultimately never came.

It’s unclear how many people were contacted by the fake company, but the BBB has reportedly answered dozens of calls from angry individuals.

In addition, more than 450 people have looked at Green’s Moving and Delivery’s business profile since early May.

If you have been contacted by this fake company, you should file a scam report.

If you have received and reshipped merchandise for the company, you should also file a mail fraud complaint.