Land Use Control Board votes against Midtown housing development

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Memphis Land Use Control Board voted against plans to build a new housing development in Midtown.

WREG was told there were two housing projects slated to be built in the Leas Woods Historic District near East Parkway- North and Sam Cooper Boulevard.

Opponents of the Overton Gateway Project said the construction doesn't match the historic district guidelines already in place and were concerned with how tall the buildings would be.

They also pointed out there will be a ton of overflow parking into the district from the apartment development.

“This is important to preserve your history and to me this is what it’s all about. We are preserving the history of Memphis. We are the little people who fought with the other neighborhoods and we joined together," said Rose Doherty, who lives by the proposed development.

With shopping and dining on Broad Avenue and the Greenline, many who oppose the project said they understand the need for some kind of development.

"It’s going to be developed at some point in the not too distant future. It’s too valuable not to be. Hopefully what does happen is more appropriate for the neighborhood," said Sam Goff, President of the Evergreen Historic District.

Forrest Owens, with ETI Corp. is a planning consultant for the project.

He said Markowsky Ringel Greenberg, the commercial real estate firm that wants to build the complex, has had multiple public meetings with the neighborhood to hear their concerns.

He said they still plan to go before the City Council.

“Our hope is to move forward to the city council and take a look at what we heard today, like we have all along through the public participation process and if we have to make some modifications we may do so," he said.