Authorities confirm federal investigation in Memphis, neighbors witness raids

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Federal authorities have confirmed they’re investigating in Memphis, and some of those federal agents were spotted during raids overnight.

One raid was reported in Castalia Heights at a house on Larose Avenue, and then there was another scene reported around 1 a.m. on Island Bluff Drive on Mud Island.

“Siren. Screech. Bang.”

Those are the three words that sum up how one Mud Island woman’s Thursday started earlier than usual.

She wanted to remain anonymous but said her backyard turned into a spot for a federal investigation around 1 a.m.

“Start waking up, you see flashing. Looked out the window, police cars.”

She said unmarked police cars were all over with officers from several different agencies.

Neighbors said a helicopter was also loudly hovering low to the ground, and at one point, they heard what sounded like a flash bang.

“It was definitely the car behind the houses here that they were focusing on.”

Neighbors said a maroon car bolted down Island Bluff Drive before coming to a screeching halt in the woman’s driveway. It came inches from hitting her garage door.

“I could actually see the guy in handcuffs while they were waiting, while they were doing the search of the car, at least one guy.”

She said the focus was then on the car itself, as local and federal officers stripped it and took it away.

On Thursday, other neighbors said they cleaned up the glass that was left behind.

“That was not a car that’s in the neighborhood.”

Over in Castalia Heights, neighbors said a house on Larose Avenue was also the center of one raid overnight.

“I wasn’t surprised it was something," said one neighbor. "They just moved back.”

She said the house had a troubled past and has been unoccupied for several years.

Neighbors said earlier this year, the people who lived there fixed the place up and moved back in.

“Redone inside and out I’d imagine," said a man who lives down the street.

On Thursday, there was still shattered glass on the front step from the door being busted down.

We tried to speak with the people inside the home, but no one came to the door.

We also went to the address listed for the property owners but had no luck there either.

Authorities did confirm the DEA has an ongoing investigation in Memphis under the Department of Justice, and TBI said their agents are assisting.

Authorities won’t yet release more details on the investigation or if anyone’s facing charges.

Neighbors aren’t sure who the driver of the car was or what he was being wanted for, but they are happy it didn’t end differently.