Girls soccer team disqualified from tournament over roster mistake

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CBS News

NEBRASKA — Eight year-old Milagros “Mili” Hernandez helped lead the Azzuri Cachorros girls soccer team to the finals of the Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament.

But right before her team was set to take the field, they were suddenly told they were disqualified after playing three games on Friday and Saturday.

The tournament’s reason: Mili was accidentally listed as a boy on the roster.

The little girl said it didn’t help she has short hair.

“That I was a boy. And my brother said it’s only because of the looks. So when they look at me they think I’m a boy but I’m really not.”

Per regulations, boys are not allowed to play on the girls’ team.

When Mili’s coach tried telling officials she was in fact a girl and even provided paperwork to prove it, they were still disqualified.

“The president of the tournament said that we made our decision and we wouldn’t change it. And we had an insurance card and a paper from when she was five, and it said female on both of them,” said Alina Hernandez, Mili’s sister.

Now parents and coaches are upset.

“We need justice. They did to a little girl. A little girl of 8 years old. There’s no way to justify the mistake they made against her,” said the coach, Mario Torres.

“There was no point in everybody getting kicked off. Some of them could’ve stayed on started playing.”

He went on to say what they did to Mili might also have something to do with race.

The team has filed a complaint with the Nebraska State Soccer Association.

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