Orange Mound women still without power on day 9, having trouble with heat and medicine

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As of Monday morning, Marilyn Murphy still didn't have power in the home she shared with her husband and sister-in-law.

“My sister-in-law is disabled. She’s legally blind. Its stressful,” she said.

She showed WREG the refrigerator filled with insulin medication that had gone bad. She was only saving it to try to return it.

They were using a borrowed generator to run fans, but it was not enough for air conditioning and appliances.

Her sister-in-law Brenda is going blind, has diabetes and hallucinates.

"People around us have power. We're right next door to somebody that does have it. God was a blessing when the neighbors helped us out,” she said.

Thaddeus Carruthers lives across the street and lent them the generator, exemplifying the spirit of giving seen all around Memphis since the storm hit nine days prior.

“I’ve seen them going through a lot. It’s hot out here," Carruthers said. "When the power went out you see everyone come together to help one another. You can't just depend on the government for everything. They can only do so much."

Murphy said she only works part time and her sister-in-law was on a fixed income. She hoped the government would step up to help reimburse her for food and medicine.