Customers say they paid, but taxes were never filed at Win Taxes, formerly Rob-Aire

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Win Taxes is the name on the outside of the office in the Century Building in East Memphis.

Yet, customers like John Howard say this tax season has been anything but a victory, because so far, he's been dealing with a loss.

"I feel like that I paid for something that I didn't get," Howard told WREG.

Howard says he went to Win Taxes, a company he'd used before, that used to be called Rob-Aire Enterprises.

He says a woman named Winnie Kermick-Cate prepared his taxes in early April.

"Sweet lady, did our taxes right there, everything was done as far as I as concerned."

Except Howard says weeks went by and he never got his refund.

"Started calling her place, no answer, I went down to her office on multiple occasions."

But, Howard said he never heard back.

Then Howard says he learned from the IRS, that Kermick-Cate never e-filed his return.

He also found out he wasn't alone, and it wasn't the first time such problems had surfaced.

"Then I started doing a little homework on the internet, looking her up and trying to find out what was going on and that's when I found WREG's report from 2014."

The Better Business Bureau gave Rob-Aire Enterprises an "F" and issued a consumer alert.

"Actually in 2009, we revoked their accreditation, they were a member at that time and then about three, four years after that, we had another problem, not responding to complaints," said BBB President Randy Hutchinson.

WREG has gotten multiple complaints recently about Kermick-Cate, so we went to her office to get a response.

Nobody answered the door. WREG also called a phone number listed on a note that was placed on the door, but simply heard a phone ring inside.

Howard told WREG, "I've got to re-submit everything by mail."

Howard says he's also filing a tax preparer complaint with the IRS about Kermick-Cate, and encourages other customers to do the same.

"She needs to be held accountable."

Hutchinson says it's important for taxpayers to research a tax company even if they've done business with them in the past.