Power back for Whitehaven neighborhood after 8 days in the dark

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- One week after those severe storms battered Shelby County, there are still thousands of MLGW customers without power.

Crews have been working day and night to get everyone's lights back on, but it's been a grueling process, and Sunday's rain could set them back.

For people on McCain Road in Whitehaven, it's been a long eight days.

"No air conditioning. It was hard on my daughter – I have a daughter that’s disabled with multiple sclerosis – so it was really pretty hard on her," said Earnestine Hearn.

Every house on one side of the block has been in the dark since last Saturday night's storm knocked out power to 188,000 MLGW customers.

"For seven, eight days, it's been tough," said David Shannon.

Luckily, Shannon and his family have a generator, but they were without air conditioning all week.

And at $10 a day just to operate the generator, it's an expensive short-term fix.

A couple houses down, Hearn stocked up on supplies.

"I bought a lantern – a battery lantern – and I had a battery radio that I was using," she said.

She also spent a small fortune eating out every day.

She's just one of many on this block who have been patiently waiting to see those utility crews come driving down their street.

"Oh, just praying," she said. "Just hoping that it would come back on."

They finally got their wish Sunday, as crews worked in the pouring rain to cross one more neighborhood off the outage map.

"When I saw those guys coming down through there, woo I was happy," Shannon said. "It almost brings tears to your eyes, you know?"

Hearn echoed those sentiments.

"Oh, I'm just happy," she said. "I just went to the store and I was praying all the way from the store saying, 'I hope the lights come on today,' and thank God they're on."

Shannon admits things could have been a lot worse for his family – he knows some people lost everything – but he's just grateful to have power again so he can spend his Sunday the way he usually does.

"I'll be able to see the game tonight," he said.

MLGW expects to restore power to 90 percent of customers still in the dark by midnight Monday morning, but they tell WREG Sunday's rain could delay things.

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