Warm temperatures forcing Mid-South families to get creative to stay cool

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Coolers, water, tents and a grill.

They're all essentials for one Frayser family who have been without power for four days now.

"No more rain, no more nothing and yet there's no power," said Tina Collins.

Collins told WREG with two asthmatic children and her elderly father, they`re doing all they can to make it.

"We're trying to keep my stepfather and the children cool as much as we can," said Collins. "At least there's a place to put the table, keep a lot of the mosquitoes away, just have some comfort."

"I`ve got tarps with a blanket over it for the children with pillows down. We've got everything we can think of."

Louise Prater lives just a few blocks away on Driftwood Avenue.

She hasn't had power since Saturday as well.

"It wasn`t so hot Sunday but now the temps are really rising now so it's going to be a challenge for everybody."

Prater said she is staying with family but comes to her house every day to sit on the porch just hoping the power will cut back on.

"When you've got children in the house it's very challenging," said Prater.

Collins said she`s been checking the MLGW app periodically praying and hoping to have power soon.

"I checked it this morning when we got up. They said crews were in the area. We checked about an hour ago and it said we`re being analyzed."

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