Storm victim burglarized in South Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Just as Eugene Rogers got his power back on, he left to replace all the food in his fridge.

While he was gone, his house was broken into and the thief tried to sell the stolen items to his neighbor down the street.

"He came right through the window right here on this side right here on the back," said Rogers.

Rogers said his power went out Saturday around 11 p.m. and came back on Monday at 9 a.m.

Two hours later, Rogers said his house was broken into and ransacked in broad daylight here on St. Paul Avenue.

"It just makes me sick. I don`t even feel like eating anymore," said Rogers.

The thief pried open a side window, leaving fingerprints on the glass.

Rogers said he noticed several items missing.

"It was a crock pot, my phone, underwear, VCR and old tapes."

Rogers' neighbor, Johnny Smith, said he didn't see the man break into the house, but he did see him coming from that direction.

To make matters worse, Smith said the crook tried to sell him the stolen items.

"When he pass my house he stopped and said 'Do you want to buy some movies?' I said, No, I don`t want to buy any movies.'"

Smith said he had a feeling the man was up to no good.

"I have suspicions because he had brand new stuff in his arm and I didn`t feel that he bought it.This world is going to crap and I don`t like what`s going on, but people need to take more responsibility of what they do in other people`s property."