Some businesses say storm had ‘catastrophic’ economic impact

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Many businesses in Memphis have been out of power for days during a big holiday weekend where they expected to make money.

As of Tuesday night, several restaurants and hair salons along Madison remained closed due to Saturday's storm.

Other businesses said they are starting to catch a break.

Ashlee Tierney said the two Café Eclectic locations she works at were slammed since the flagship location on McLean closed due to power and damage.

"A lot of people were coming from Midtown to Highland and from Harbor Town to Highland. It was intense," she said.

So intense, the Highland location ran out of food Monday.

"We ran out of bacon, produce, there was nothing left to serve just because it was so busy," said Tierney.

Tree trimmers are also getting slammed. Their phones ringing off the hook

Drive anywhere, you'll likely find them parked outside a home.

Then there are businesses that sell ice. They can barely keep it on their shelves. Midtown Nursery sold three truckloads in just two days.

"People around us lost power and wouldn't open up, so I guess that's why were getting so many people," said Mike Earnest.

A lot of businesses aren't boasting though.

The manager here at Cash Saver on Madison was too exhausted to talk to us on camera but told us the impact is catastrophic.

They were closed two and a half days and lost thousands of dollars worth of holiday business plus thousands of dollars worth of food.

Other businesses posted signs on their door telling customers they're only taking cash due to internet and power outages.