Juvenile Court set to reopen Wednesday after generator leaked gallons of gas

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Juvenile Court will reopen Wednesday after a cleanup crew spent the day sopping up 50 gallons of Diesel fuel that leaked from a faulty generator.

The fumes spread throughout the building and caused the youth to move to adult facilities.

The generator switched into gear when the power cut off during Saturday's storm.

"This generator ran for a while and like a car going down the interstate, the radiator hose blows," said Tom Moss with Shelby County Support Services.

Then out came the fuel into the garage.

Maintenance crews say it leaked for about 30 minutes until a deputy smelled the fumes.

"We were overly cautious. The fire department was on hand," said Moss.

It reportedly took 45 minutes to turn off the generator.

Maintenance crews told WREG while they considered the spill hazardous, they say Diesel is harder to ignite.

They eventually evacuated the youth inside and took them either to 201 or Jail East.

Moss said his team checks generators weekly, and this one didn't show any red flags, but admits, work must be done whether that's installing another sensor or a camera.

"We've got to look at the time delay between this happening and our realizing it happens," he said.

No one with Juvenile Court would go on camera. They sent us an email stating they would be back open tomorrow.