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City Council votes to use $6 million for recovery efforts

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The City Council approved a measure allowing the city to use reserve money to help in recovery efforts following weekend storms.

On Tuesday, Mayor Jim Strickland asked that $6 million be given to the Public Works division to pick up debris across the city.

The city is encouraging people to take their debris to the curb, but for some citizens who are strapped for cash or physically unable to, that’s a problem, the mayor stated.

With this new resolution, the city would be help to lend a hand.

If the state qualifies for federal aid, Strickland said the city could be reimbursed $2.4 million of the total $6 million that is taken out of reserves.

Following the meeting, Strickland told reporters the city of Memphis is very close to the required $9.8 million in damages that would unlock reimbursement funds from the federal government that would go directly to the city itself.

That money would be used to repair anything owned by city and county government, MLGW, etc.

A separate issue is reimbursement for the citizens of Memphis.

In order to qualify for that, the city must record 100 uninsured homes that were substantially damaged. If that happens, then individual property owners will be able to get funding from the government.

If you are uninsured and had significant damage to your home, you are urged to call (901) 636-2525.

As of Tuesday afternoon a little more than 60,000 people were still without power. At the height of the storm more than 180,000 were in the dark.