Shelby Forest residents picking up the pieces of storm damage

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — "I heard something go thud against the house. I pushed him and told him to run," said Katheryn Ferloni, who lives in Shelby Forest.

The loud sound sent Ferloni and her family running Saturday night.

"Within seconds the power was out. It was like a light show out here," she said

They woke up to their front yard looking like a war zone.

"I thought a tornado had touched down in our front yard. No straight-line winds," said Ferloni.

Two trees crashed inches from their house, leaving the family without power but grateful to be alive.

Two white oak trees in her front yard proved no match for the straight-line winds. She said the trees were more than 100 years old.

"This looks like a tornado had just twisted my trees, ripped them apart and threw them. It looked like dynamite went off," said Ferloni.

Homeowner Bobby Archer was just as shocked when he saw the aftermath at his home. His boat shed and boat are somewhere under a pile of tree limbs and electrical poles.

"Sound like an airplane going over the house, a real strong wind," said Archer.

It all just missed his house. His son's house was not so lucky, but everyone was fine.

"It mashed my boat down to nothing. It's gone," said Archer.

He was hoping to get power back soon.

So were the owners of the Shelby Forest General Store. Their wish came true Monday mid morning.

Things were once again cooking after being without power for 36 hours. They were beginning to worry.

"When you are shut down for 36 or 48 hours, you are looking at spoilage, 'cause we've got coolers and freezers. So you have got spoilage and then lost revenue of the business," said Doug Ammons, owner of Shelby Forest General Store.

Fortunately the freezers stayed chilled at 25 degrees. Food inside was OK.

So when Ammons saw MLGW workers, he was singing their praises as they hit the road, working to get power back on.

"Thank God for MLGW. I tell you that right now. If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be here," said Ammons, as he shook hands with MLGW workers.

Many people in Shelby Forest are waiting for their power to be restored. We saw plenty of MLGW crews out in the area.

The Shelby Forest park tangers and the Shelby County Sheriff's Department worked to clear a lot of the roads of debris.

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