Police: Trackers for domestic violence suspects a success despite recent incident

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police are monitoring more than 200 domestic violence offenders through GPS trackers.

Those devices may be little, but police told WREG they're a big help when it comes to making sure the 189 local offenders stay away from their victims.

"If they try to remove it or remove it there is an alert that goes off," said Olliette Murry-Drobot with the Family Safety Center.

That's exactly what happened in March when Deandre Cobb and Sentrovous Huey cut off their devices.

"Missed all court dates, had additional warrants issued, because they missed court dates."

Weeks later, police tracked them down and slapped them with additional charges.

While it's a concern they got away, it's not enough to stop the program.

In fact, police are calling the trackers a success saying they've helped arrest nearly 200 people since they were implemented last July.

Officers are also using them to track sex crime offenders and their victims.

But now the Family Safety Center is calling for even more trackers, saying the demand is definitely there.

"I would love to see more. As you mentioned there are thousands of offenses that happen every year so we don't have enough bracelets for all offenders," said Murry-Drobot.

Right now, the University of Memphis is studying the trackers to see if they're a success.

If they determine the program is working, officials plan on asking for more.

They were purchased through a grant.

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