MPD says it’s increasing patrols in neighborhoods hit hard by storms

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A huge tree sits in the middle of the Frayser home where Ricky Cannon lives on Amsell Circle.

Part of the roof has collapsed, and there's extensive water damage inside.

It looks even worse from the back yard, where the length of tree is visible. It's uprooted and laying across the house.

Cannon described what it was like Saturday night.

"It was a loud pop, the house went to shaking, the power blew out and it was over with."

Cannon and the people who own the home where he's living are trying to make repairs as best they can.

Meanwhile, it's been nearly 48 hours without power, so Cannon has other worries.

"There's people out here that are going to steal stuff out of these empty houses, it's dark you know. I mean, look at this one," referring to his own home.

Cannon's concern is valid.

Thieves broke through a brick wall to get into a Rainbow clothing store on Frayser Boulevard. Workers tell WREG they actually had power, but the crooks cut the lines to get inside.

Col. James Kirkwood is over the Memphis Police Department's Old Allen Station. It covers the Frayser area.

"We've called in extra manpower."

Kirkwood says officers are working double shifts and coming in on off days in order to beef up patrols in hard-hit areas like Frayser.

This, despite the current staffing situation and it being a holiday weekend.

"Officers step up. Last night we called in officers, I know it's Memorial Day and you all are barbecuing, but we need you."

Kirkwood says even with stepped-up patrols, they're asking residents to look out for one another and business owners to hire additional security if possible.

In addition to standard patrols, Kirkwood says officers are also calling in other problems like downed trees and concerns from residents without food and water.

William Nicholson has been living in his Frasyer home for 25 years.

He said he's not worried about crooks, because ultimately he's relying on protection from a higher power.

"I got the man upstairs that's going to say, stay away from him," said Nicholson.

Police also want to remind residents to avoid calling 911, and use the nonemergency number for storm-related concerns. That number is 901-545-COPS.

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