Fallen tree leaves historic home severely damaged and full of bees

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Beautifully-crafted french doors now open onto heaps of twisted wood, marking what was once Diana Jones' favorite room at her home in the heart of the Vollintine-Evergreen Historic District.

"I heard this popping cracking sound. I did not know what it was," Samuel Jones said.

A massive tree came crashing into the Joneses' home Saturday night as Samuel listened in horror.

"I'm just kind of numb at the time because I'm not knowing exactly is it over with or not."

Not only did the tree demolish the sun porch, but it also sent limbs poking through the roof of the kitchen and water dripping down the walls of the dining room, taking with it two decades worth of memories, not to mention decades more of history.

"The house was built in 1939," Diana Jones said. "The ornaments on the outside, we know that we probably won't be able to find that again."

As crews worked to repair what was replaceable, the Joneses soon discovered the hum of this generator wasn't the only buzzing they were hearing.

A colony of honey bees was sent swarming with the fall of the tree that once held their hive.

"These bees, whenever I got here, were very angry that their house was disturbed. I haven't been stung yet today, but it happens sometimes," Jason Idleman with Rourke Construction said.

Words the Joneses are taking to heart as they cherish the things in life that matter more than nice homes.

"We don't like to use the term 'lucky' because we really were blessed."

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