Police identify Frayser mother killed after argument

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police have identified a young Frayser mother who was gunned down in front of her own apartment Friday night.

MPD says 29-year-old Dominique White was shot to death by a man after an argument at the Whitney Manor Apartments.

Her killer still hasn't been caught.

It happened in broad daylight at a complex that has been plagued with crime – the same apartments where a 9-year-old girl wrote a heartbreaking letter at her after-school program in March begging for an end to the violence.

For Jannie Steele, who lives just down the road, the sound of gunshots is nothing new.

"Every night. Every day and every night," she said. "It's just so common. I just deal with it, you know? All you can do is pray about it."

After that little girl's letter, a group of people with the organization Lifeline to Success tried to clean up the troubled complex.

But people in the neighborhood say they fear the crime is just getting worse.

"These drugs. These drugs have got these people doing this because they're robbing, they're stealing, they're killing, and it's just a mess," Steele said.

Steele knows the pain White's family is dealing with first-hand.

In 2008, her daughter Lashonda Steele was shot and killed by her boyfriend in Raleigh.

Six years later, Lashonda's then-13-year-old son was shot in the head while walking with friends in the same neighborhood.

Amazingly, he survived.

"Then I moved from Raleigh, thought I was in a better place," Steele said. "But it's worse. It's worse."

Crime at Whitney Manor is up nearly 500 percent from this time last year, according to March statistics from Safeways, a Memphis group that works to make troubled apartment complexes safer.

Steele believes police are doing all they can, but she has little faith things will change.

"I don't think it'll ever stop," she said. "I really don't."

Police haven't named the suspect yet, but they tell WREG they believe White knew him.

A suspect description hasn't been released, however, police say he took off in a blue car after the shooting.

If you know anything that could help police, call 528-CASH.