Domestic violence murder victim’s mother says she had feeling things would end deadly

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Memphis, TN.--A domestic violence victim's mother reveals a shocking revelation following the killing of her son.

"I told him that woman is going to be your death and I didn't tell him just once I told him several times," said Sarah Suggs's the victim's mother.

Strong words from a grieving mother who says she had a premonition even before the tires started rolling
on the car that struck and killed her son.

"I was fixing to go to sleep and she came inside saying Ms. Suggs Ms. Suggs I hit your son," recalls Suggs.

Suggs says her son 48-year-old William Malone was running over in her yard. She says Malone's ex-girlfriend was behind the wheel of the car.

Suggs says at first she assumed the ex-girlfriend meant she hit Malone with her fist, this mother says she was mortified at the sight that met her when she stepped outside.

"I saw the car in the yard I didn't see him, so I knew he was under the car," said Suggs.

Malone was stuck under the car the frantic mother says she called for help in total disbelief and panic.

"I called 911 I don't know if that lady understood what I said she said calm down calm down tell me what's going on," added Suggs.

"If he broke up with her she was basically saying if you're not going to be with me you're not going to be with, anyone else," said Suggs.

They say this lover's quarrel should have never escalated to the point of them having to bury their loved one.

According to the family, the couple broke up a month ago. Right now the woman is not facing charges but has been detained.