Park Way Village town home tenants fed up with sewage issues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -Two Memphis mothers are at their wits end when it comes to dealing with a sewage issue in their homes.
They’re concerned for the health of their children since they haven’t been able to solve the problem
That has been lingering for at least a month now.

"It smell like poop," said Lacreasha West.

The smell hits you before you touch the doorstep and even then you’ll have to step over sewage to get inside.

"It’s indescribable how this smell, that is coming up," added West.

West says no amount of incense or air freshener has been able to mask a deep rooted issue with sewage and the trail of murky water is even harder to look at.

"This is nasty kids shouldn’t even be out here but this is where we live. There are kids here and they are still coming out playing in it," said West.

West lives in a townhome in Town Way Villages. All of the townhomes are owned by different people but many people who live near West are having the same problem.

"When she flushes her toilet next door it’s going to come up everything is going to come up, when I get that much feces in there it’ll be stinking and we’ll be getting sick," said one neighbor who didn't want her face shown.

West’s neighbor has a vacuum to remove the sewage that comes into her home. She says she has to use it twice daily just to clean up everything.

The neighbor says she has four children and instead of spending her day cleaning sewage and stepping around it, she’s moving. West is just as disgusted.

"Tissue and poop in front of my door, I can’t even come out this door," added West.

For now, West has decided to stick it out. In hopes of getting her some help but says she won’t risk her children’s health—since she has 3 young girls. WREG reached out to the health department, they told us they didn’t know anything about the issues but they’ll send someone out to inspect.

"May baby she hasn’t been eating my big girl. goes to her grandmas because she’s not used to an environment like this," said West.

This mother just hopes that inspection will mean progress for her situation.

West says her landlord has tried to help, he’s even sent out a plumber.
WREG reached out the property manager of the townhome complex but our calls were not returned.